About Us

About War & Peace

Stony Plain is an old roots community we offer ways for family to make safe and smart choices for consumer products with a personal touch and attention that the city will not offer. Going back to the grass roots of a “family owned business” where the products tell a story about why we want to promote them locally and we share that story with our clients. The main message that we hope to culture in our community is to “stand for something” and work hard to make a difference in small or large ways as you personally can.

War & Peace is a fusion of two strong belief systems, Stuart representing the “War” side and Jael the “PEACE” side. Together, working hard to see each other prospective and coming to see the similarities are worth celebrating and supporting.

With the WAR side we stand for honor, integrity and freedom. We show this by our strong support of veteran owned companies and products. Our recognition of law enforcement and veterans in our store atmosphere and Law enforcement discount.

We acknowledge the way to peace is sometimes required to go thru more violent means but PEACE is the reason WHY.

The peace side is also taking a stand-A stand for our earth and environment and A stand for simple conscience choices that have an impact when repeated 8 million times a day. In both ways we embrace the option to save lives one way or the other through words or actions, tactics or choices, and change or recycling. We are more alike than you realize.

As a husband and wife team, we are excited to provide that personal touch that is so lacking in the retail market. Going back to the grass roots of why we do business at all and why consumers want to purchase from one shop vs the other. The people! who they are and what they stand for makes that difference. We are confident that this movement will only gain in momentum and we hope to encourage and educate our guests to look at ways they can support, while still purchasing the things they need want or just plain love.